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Components designed to compliment the RawHide Generic Skin

ZETTA 1 has built a suite of Web Part components that are designed to compliment the RawHide Generic Skin, adding rich features to your Website or Intranet designs. Our ComponentSuite takes on the styling applied by Rawhide, ensuring a consistent look and feel across component add-ins. Examples of our ComponentSuite include:

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Social Share

Maximise your social media impact by providing an easy way for visitors to share your Website's pages via common social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

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Image and Link Sliders

An Image Slider adds instant impact to your Website or Intranet. Direct site traffic to the top locations to drive the user's journey through Sites and Subsites. Complete control over the images, captions and links displayed in the slider.

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Page Translate

Enables users to translate the entire text content of your web pages into their preferred language utilising Google or Bing Translate functionality. Perfect for organisations with an international reach.

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Video Players

Enhanced cross browser, cross platform support for optimised playback of videos on your Website or Intranet. Native HTML 5 with Flash fall-back, support for MP4, OGG or WebM video formats.

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Enhanced Data Views

Transform the presentation of your content by incorporating tabs (display multiple views in a tabbed format), accordions (expand or compress content for optimised viewing) and fly-outs (add emphasis for calls to action).

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Photo Galleries

Create beautiful, dynamic content with photo galleries. Make the most of your imagery with beautiful galleries and stylised "Lightbox" displays of individual images, conveniently driven by standard SharePoint Image Libraries.

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